Wedding Cakes

You may select one of the stunning designs from our website or let us create a bespoke cake for your special day. A consultation by appointment with Margaret Dinkin is the first step. If you have a particular idea in mind please feel free to discuss it with Margaret.


Prices may vary depending on cake size, number of tiers, cake design and detail involved. The following is a guide to what size of cake you may need in terms of portions and guest numbers.

Size Portions / Guest Numbers
  Round   Square
6"/15cm 30 35
8"/20cm 50 65
10"/25cm 80 100
12"/30cm 115 150

Prices (Subject to change)


2 Tier 8", 6" prices start from €150
*3 Tier 10", 8", 6" prices start from €300
or 12", 9", 6" from €400
4 Tier Prices available on request
5 Tier Prices available on request 

Handcrafted flowers cost extra, with small handcrafted sugar flowers starting from €15. If fresh flowers are being used we will happily liaise with your florist if required as we do not supply them.

Tier Sizes

Tier sizes vary from 4" - 12" depending on your requirements and we are happy to offer larger or smaller size tiers upon request. The most popular cake sizes are the 3 tier cakes 10", 8" & 6" and 12", 9" & 6" both which will cater for 200 guests. 

Types of Cakes

Carrot Cake - Homemade, moist and rich, topped with cream cheese.

Traditional Rich Fruit Cake - Luxurious rich cake packed with fruit and covered with home made almond icing.

Light Fruit Cake - A lighter option to the traditional recipe, covered with home made almond icing.

Homemade Madeira - An age old favourite, filled with vanilla buttercream and jam (raspberry, lemon or orange). Madeira has excellent keeping qualities and cuts well. Also available in chocolate.

Chocolate Biscuit Cake - A real chocolate lovers delight. Rich, decadent and made with the finest quality belgian chocolate.

Lemon Drizzle - A moist and zesty cake with a tangy lemon topping.

Red Velvet - A beautiful red and rich velvety texture. Quite dramatic when you cut into it and see the rich red colour.

Coffee Cake - A traditional favourite.

Fudge Cake - Available in rich chocolate, smooth coffee or sweet lemon this can be served either as your wedding dessert (warm or cold) or cake.

Hand Decorated Cupcakes - Beautifully decorated to suit your individual style.

If you have a different flavour in mind we will be more than happy to create it for you. A popular option is a combination of tiers of some of the above or simply a combination of filings.

Cake Stands

Cake stands and pillars are available to hire if required. A refundable deposit secures these items and they must be returned in condition they were received to one of our locations within 5 days of your wedding date in order to have full deposit returned. Pillars and stands are subject to availability.

Please check with your venue as most hotels now supply cake stands.

Cake Toppers

We supply a wide range of both porcelain and handcrafted cake toppers from the traditional bride and groom to novelty options. Prices available on request.

Points to Note

A surprising number of brides and grooms still like to keep their top tier either for their first wedding anniversary or christening of their first child. If this is something you would like to consider please note that in order to do this the tier would have to be a fruit cake or otherwise will not keep. Traditional fruit cake will keep well if wrapped in foil and placed in an airtight container and frozen. Taken out one week before it is needed it can then be re-iced by us if required. All figurines and flowers need to be removed before storing.

How long will it keep?

Rich fruit cake lasts well and can be stored in a airtight container and frozen for up to 12 months. Madeira cake if stored in a cool, dry place (not refrigerated) and away from direct heat and sunlight should last up to one week.

Budget Tips

Depending on your choice of wedding cake you may consider using it as a dessert. Check with your venue if you cake can be used as the dessert option and perhaps offer some cost saving. 

Extra portions for larger guest numbers. Very often we are asked to supply an extra cutting cake that goes pre-cut to the hotel kitchen. Couples are increasing looking for ways to reduce costs at this expensive time and one way is to order a small wedding cake plus a cutting cake rather than a large wedding cake. 

Iced cakes. Should a family member wish to make your cake we are more than happy to ice this for you and collaborate with you on its design. Please note however that the cost for icing depends primarily on the design you have chosen and the work and time this involves. 

Styrofoam/dummy cakes. Some couples decide that they may want a larger cake for photographs only. In this case we can offer a styrofoam cake whereby a piece of styrofoam is iced and can form the complete or part of the complete 'cake' i.e. an extra dummy tier can be added to increase the size of the cake.


Number of guests - size of cake. 

Style of cake - bring pictures or photos to consultation. 

Type of cake - traditional or modern, square or round. 

We can also offer a combination of tiers or fillings. Handcrafted or fresh flowers, we are happy to help with either option. 

Type of icing - soft icing is more popular however we still offer royal icing if preferred. Cutting cake for the kitchen, a practical addition for larger weddings. 

Delivery & Set Up

Delivery and set up is free of charge to any hotel within the Monaghan town area. Outside of Monaghan town delivery and set up charges apply.

There is also the option to collect your own cake should you so wish. Cake tiers are supplied in boxes and should not be stacked on top of each other but placed on a flat surface in your vehicle. Remember that fresh cream and chocolate cakes are affected by warm weather. Cakes should be stored in a cool, dry area, away from direct heat, sunlight and heavy guest traffic. We cannot be held responsible for a cake once they have left our care.

It is important to check with your venue that if your cake is being delivered by us that the cake table is in position and ready by 12 noon on your wedding date.

When to Order

Bookings are accepted up to 12 months in advance. It is helpful to order your wedding cake once you have decided on your venue, colour scheme and style of your wedding however for best results and during busy summer months we would request a minimum of 12 weeks notice during busy periods.

How to Order

To order it is best to first arrange a consultation with Margaret Dinkin in her showroom. A non-refundable deposit of €100 secures all wedding cake bookings. It is usual for the bride and groom to view the finished piece 1-2 days before the wedding date. Balance due at this time.

For appointment contact:
Margaret Dinkin
Tyleadon, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan
Tel. +353 (0)47 81471